Dear Client,

The following table shows the overnight swaps of the Indices CFDs subject to adjustment. The changes are caused by ex-dividend of constituent stocks in certain indices on a certain date.

The adjustment value will be calculated on the second day. Clients who are holding those Index CFDs open positions are advised to closely monitor their positions and maintain sufficient margin for the special adjustments.

SymbolsIndicesDateLong Swap(Pips)Short Swap(Pips)
US30US Dow Jones 30 Spot Index (CFD)2024-02-07-0.16-24.12
NAS100US NASDAQ 100 Spot Index (CFD)2024-02-07-13.56-7.93
EU50Euro Stoxx 50 Index (CFD)2024-02-08+46.26 -49.49


  1. Pips refers to the smallest price movement of Index.
    For example, if US30 price is 27,280.8, since the smallest price movement is 0.1, “1 pip” is the price movement of 0.1.
  2. The Dividends Adjustment of point’s value will be paid to Long positions. The Dividends Adjustment of point’s value will be deducted from Short positions.
  3. The adjustment amount will be reflected to your trading account Balance.
  4. The Dividend values provided are received from liquidity providers (LP) and are subject to omissions or errors. If there is any change, the final values is subject to the trading platform.

If you require further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us, thank you.